A Story With Many Pages.

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A Present with History
When I gave birth to my first child nearly 14 years ago, I began to create skin care products based on our family's ever-changing needs. I quickly noticed a seasonal rhythm that influenced our needs as the seasons changed.  As I applied various seed and vegetable oils, butters, and essential oils, it became clear to me that small batch, handmade items were far superior to those I could purchase (even in health food stores). I created a small skin care company, Luscious Organics, and made small batches of organic skin care to sell at our local farmer's market.  A dear friend brought a chapter of the American Holistic Nurse's Association here to our hometown in Indiana, and when she inquired if I'd like to make the nasal inhalers, I said Yes! It's a pleasure to create a personal aromatherapy product that impacts the way we feel and heal in a clinical environment. Each inhaler is made with therapeutic grade essential oils, and BPA free inhaler packaging. They're made to order,  are carefully labeled, and shipped immediately.